A little about me, and why I'm doing this.

I do enjoy sharing the circumstances and events that occur to me on my Road Trips, but mostly...

I want to share what's inside me... my emotions, my intuitions, and my dreams...

With the hope of distracting and encouraging you to think outside the box.

We all need to be distracted and encouraged once in a while, don’t we?

If this distraction also brings enjoyment or entertainment to you… It will make me happy.

I hope you decide you want to get to know me.

I hope you decide you want to get to know me.
I would love to get to know you!
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I'm a recently married, open minded, honest, fun loving guy, who loves sharing his insights, experiences, and opinions about my life... other people... And anything else that jumps to my mind when I'm at Honey's reins. Spirituality-YES... Religion-NO... Sexuality-YES... Politics-NO... Humor-ALWAYS.


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November 14, 2013

"Synchronous Connections"

… I did meet some new friends outside though.  Ray and Tim were fellow biker brothers, on their way back home to Grand Junction, Colorado.  They said they were planning two long days, to end their 10-day ride.  We didn't take the time to chat too much, but they did give me a very good piece of advice when I mentioned I was gonna be in Fredericksburg later that day.  They told me to be sure to visit Luckenbach.

We traded business cards, and Tim told me to be sure to contact him if I was anywhere near their home.  I'd mentioned I spent a few days at a "Dude Ranch" in Rifle, and loved the area.  I'm not sure if that had anything to do with his invitation, but I'm gonna keep his card, and take him up on his offer.  I'd be really surprised if Honey and I don't end up there on one of our road trips someday.

10am - Colorado Bend State Park.  Yes, that is correct.  I was still in Texas and I'd just met two guys from the State of Colorado, and an hour later, I found myself (quite unexpectedly) in the State Park of the same name.  A coincidence?   I Think not.  I choose to think of it as synchronicity.  Things happen to me on my road trips… outwardly 'strange-unusual' things…  ALL THE TIME.  I do not try to understand them, when they happen, I simply acknowledge them, appreciate them, and remember… this is a big world, and there is an energy of some sort that 'controls' things around us, and… I just love it.  It makes me feel connected… to the entire world.

"Relationships: Cyber, Honey, and The Road"

6am - I woke up later than usual, but not by too much.  This is 'sleeping in' for me!  When I'd gone to sleep the night before, I hadn't decided if I was gonna take a day ride or not, but as soon as my feet hit the floor (@ about 6:02am) I knew.

7am - Sipped my coffee, did some random emailing and some not so random 'journaling.'  I have a new cyber friend I met on a website called "Live Journal."  I've been goofing around on it for about a year and a half now, and have made several 'good' friends, but "purr4you" (her user name) is the first friend that I've developed a real, real-life connection with.  At least it seems like a real connection.  No one can really know for sure… cyber-connections… an interesting concept.  I'm looking forward to seeing how this relationship develops.  We've been talking about meeting in person, but the distance, our schedules, and my finances are all quite limiting at this time in our lives.  One thing I know… we are sure enjoying getting to know each other.  I think we've 'chatted' every day now for about a week or more.  But this story is not about her.  It's about another relationship with another girl.

8am - Honey was as excited as I was, as she was getting packed for the trip.  She remembered her first visit to "The Hill Country," last year when we were out here, and liked the terrain and roads as much as I did.  The closest thing I can compare this area to, is a more fertile and lush version of the base of the foothills of the Sierra Nevada's in Central California.  The main difference is that there, the rolling hills are only about 20 miles 'wide,' before you get into the actual mountainous terrain.  Here, they go on and on… for hundreds of miles in every direction.  This area, which is just west of Austin, is really quite beautiful.  Either that or it just seems like it, because all the freaking flat flat flat terrain, almost everywhere else I've seen so far in this monstrously large State.

"Another Small World Lesson & I Ain't No Cowboy"

… it was there that I met Francisca, the owner of this little store.  She was very nice, and told me the history of why it's called what it is.  Before she met her husband (now deceased), he had visited Spain, and fell in love with a little town called, "La Sevilla."  The reason I asked her about the name was because (another small world lesson coming here…) it is VERY close to the name of the small community I grew up in, on the Monterey Bay, in California (La Selva).  I just love these road trips, don't you?

My most previous ex-girlfriend used to call me this… Ned Love.


As I was heading out of town, I heard Honey starting to laugh and giggle.  I asked her why, and she said, "Go back to that store on the last corner."  When I went back I understood.  I ain’t no Cowboy, and I sure as shit ain’t no Angel.


"A New Mexico Postcard & God's Gifts"

When I stopped at the 386 mile point of the day's ride in Glenwood, I thought to myself how much this portion of the ride reminded me of the road coming south from Taos that I'd been on, just a couple months previously.  Every turn brought new vistas of magnificence.  The beauty of this area can best be described as a 'postcard for New Mexico'.  I'm really sorry I didn't stop and take a few pictures, but… you can always buy a postcard.

From Glenwood, I went back up in elevation to 8,024 feet and an incredible area called 'Alpine' (Arizona).  I'd heard of the beauty of eastern Arizona, but I had no idea it was this nice.  The feeling that Gaeir and I had that morning, of 'appreciating God's love' was renewed.  This is one of the reasons I'm out here.  To experience and appreciate all the different things God gives us, as signs of his love for us.  Physical beauty has always attracted me… a beautiful woman or a beautiful mountain or waterfall.  How else can you explain these things, other than as 'God's gifts?'

"My Imagination & Aclimating to the Weather"

I have a pretty good imagination.  In fact, I have been accused of having an overly active imagination, and sometimes spending too much time in my fantasy world, instead of our real one.  To these people I say, "poo-poo on you-you."  I spend plenty of time in our real world…  please don't condemn me for wanting to enjoy some time away once in awhile.

Besides, more often than not, my 'fantasies' are based on something going on in the real world that simply needs some embellishing, in order to make it 'taste' just a little better.  Don't worry though, this story is goanna be like all my previous ones… true blue through and through.  You can trust me on that.  Honest.  You all know me well enough by now don'tchya?

- - - - - - - - - -

It was just after noon when I pulled Honey up to the edge of the scenic overlook at Emory Pass.  The elevation was 8,228 feet, and while I had been moving, the air had felt nice and cool.  As I got off and took off my helmet, I noticed that without the wind chill, the air was quite warm, probably close to 90.
It always amazes me how my body acclimates itself on my road trips.  On one of my rides to Seattle, I'd noticed how quickly I became comfortable in the cold climate.  Now, as I ride in the desert… my body adjusts and I don't notice the heat that much.